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    altay bayındır'ın 11 milyon € , muslera'nın 1,6 milyon € olduğu site. direk goebbels technique usage and manipulation of facts olarak bir mail atın.

    örnek mail : info@transfermarkt.de

    başlık: manipulation of the turkish super league profiles
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    to the attention of whom may concern,

    there is an ongoing manipulation of turkish super league player profiles for at least 3 years. the turkish data analyzers deliberately misleading visitors.

    they are using the goebbels technique here to keep fenerbahce sk player values over galatasaray aş players. ı strongly advise you to change those people responsible from super league.

    as a fellow following football passionately, ı am strongly bothered by this despicable act. either shut down the evaluations or sack the personnel related to them.


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