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    daha önce bart baker parodylerinden bahsetmiştim sanıyorum. biraz sıkıldım şu an o yüzden parody'lerini sözlerini yazayım.
    blank space

    --- alıntı ---
    what's up people satan's back
    by now everbody knows that me

    now i got a new hot man
    saw his vines and i thought

    omg look it his face
    who cares if he's underage
    time to ruin your life babe
    (wait what?)
    nothing haha

    i'm not on spodify
    to hear my album you'll have to pay
    it costs 13.99
    i sold a million in few days

    omg i'm so rich
    some people say i'm a greedy bitch
    now i'm painting his portrait
    ( can i please get up)
    and i slay your wrists

    i am the dark lord of evil
    oneday soon i'll rull the earth
    now i got this cute new boyfriend
    and i'll torcher his ass first

    this is how i aleays do it
    i cast a sweet love spell
    and ones they are in my web
    i became the girlfriend from hell

    there is a mean youtube guy
    who does mean parodies about me
    i would like to see him die
    (is bart baker the one you mean)

    that's right bart baker
    i'll crush him that hater
    (then why did you copy him)
    say what?

    (have you read the comments on youtube about this video)
    (fans say you stole his plot by acting nuts and psyco)

    i always been this way
    (you are totally insane)
    what's wrong sweatheart you look scar
    (omg you are the devil)

    your worst fucking nightmare.

    my boyfriend found out i'm satan
    happens every single time
    there is no chance of him escaping
    so dont you even try

    now i'm gonna stab his painting
    and cut holes in his cloths
    next step is to kill you baby
    (dating satan blows)

    it's time for you to be torchured
    and you will be sacrificed

    who are you
    *pope francis*
    *and by the power of christ*
    *i'll soon clean this spirit*
    *leave her forever more*
    * i command you to be gone*
    * in the name of the lord*

    #dis somebody called me#
    # i think i heared my name#
    #i was next door recording#
    #a new song for hunger games#

    *we are performing an excorsicm*
    your mom sucks cocks in hell
    *power of christ compells you*
    *demon be expelled*

    --- alıntı ---

    meghan trainor bass parody

    --- alıntı ---
    because this song is all about being big
    suck a dick thin people
    if you are super thin super thin
    you're evil
    this catchy tunes massage should've mean we're equal
    but it shames thin women men men

    yeah it's kinda clear i like to eat food
    but i cna write some hit songs
    and i can sing em too

    i see this skinny girls that get super famous
    so i said why not meghan traionor.
    i talk like i'm black
    even though i'm white
    i lived in the suborbs
    i had a perfect life
    still there is oen thing that bugs me
    i dont know why
    but when i see good looking skinny people
    i think they should die
    yeah my mamma she told me dont worry about your size
    but when i see thin people i want o gouge out their eyes
    #gouge out their eyeballs, gouge out their eyeballs#
    when i hear gywenth particio omg i feel soo bad
    i wanna beat her pretry face with a baseball bat


    now all five of will do this dumb dance
    this dumb dance
    these girls need haircuts bad really bad
    #we can't see#
    !meghan just give me a chance just one chance to!
    !rest plz!
    i hired you to dance damn it dance

    i'm.bringing booty back
    (booty never left that statement is trash)
    well i'm just playing dont hate me cuz i'm fat
    (you're actually normal, every inch of you is perfect)
    (stop acting like a victim)

    but my mom told me being big is sexy
    and it turns on well which totally validates me
    makes me feel pretty,makes me feel pretty
    : i thought the song was supposed to be loving you for you:
    it is
    :then why are you facing your self worth from pleasing dudes:

    let me re illitarate it again if you're thin you're a bitch
    &this is totally not true&
    &and completely mindless&
    &i'm actually my way to help the homeless&

    nice try but that cant be
    you're skinny

    +meghan your single all about that bass is a hit+
    -it's platinum-
    +it's time to lose some weight for your next pop anthem+
    but i'm about that bass which means i'm curvy
    thats why everyone loves about this song

    +now megan do you want a be star or a one hit wonder+
    -if you dont lose some weight that will be blunder-
    +to help you in a shape we brought in a trainer+
    ;its time to get you ripped lets to this;

    --- alıntı ---
    tabii bu kadar boş boş, sözleri yazmaktansa copy-paste de yapabilirdim ama dediğim gibi biraz sıkıldım.
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